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The Callisto Australian Shepherd: All You Would Want in a Dog

Are you looking for a pet that can give you a good run outdoors, and good fun indoors without breaking stuff? The Callisto Australian Shepherd would be what you are looking for. The Aussie, as the Australian shepherd is popularly known, is famous for its dexterity in circus shows which is the first pointer to the intelligence of the dog. The Callisto takes the best qualities of the Aussies. It has a beautiful fur coat, is intelligent, and is a useful dog for outdoor work if you live on a farm.

Overview of the Callisto Australian Shepherd

Height: Males (20-23 inches) Females (18-21 inches)

Weight: Males (55-70 lbs.) Females (35-55 lbs.)

Color: Black, red, blue merle, red merle

As a medium-sized dog, the Callisto will be a manageable pet indoors, especially in a home with little children. It does not pose much of a danger in rough play.

Smart dog

The Australian Shepherd line as traditionally bred for herding sheep in the European Alps. This dog studies and learns patterns very quickly which is why it is a big feature in the circus and rodeo shows. These dogs are used by law enforcement officers in search and rescue mission. They also make good detection and guide dogs.


The Callisto maintains the herding mentality of its ancestors. If you are on a farm, this will be a useful dog for rounding up sheep, chickens and other livestock. If you keep a Callisto in the house, be prepared for a fussy companion as he seeks to channel his energy. Give him a rough rug to play with lest he turns his attention to your carpet. If you need a jogging partner, a Callisto will be the perfect partner as he likes to jog, sprint and chase after things. Just remember to keep the leash on.

Beautiful dog

The Callisto is one of the most attractive dogs in the world. The black, blue, and merle patterns and long furs will make you want to reach out and cuddle him every time. Watch out for the shedding. The long fur needs regular attention to keep off parasites.

Some people believe the Callisto has mystical powers on the account of his eyes. He has a steady gaze that will track every move. Some callistos have discordant eye color. One eye can be marbled while the other is clear.

If you need a loyal, intelligent and energetic dog, the Callisto Australian Shepherd can make a pet that you will always want around.