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Why Move to Manchester?

Manchester is the second largest city in the UK after London, but there are good reasons why it has been named the best city to live in the UK severally. This is probably the most vibrant city in the UK and one of the most culturally diverse. Manchester has always been popular with people moving to the UK as well as native Britons who are looking for a city with a heartbeat. There are several reasons to move to move to this city starting with the fact that rooms to rent Manchester are cheaper than London. Here are reasons why Manchester should be your top choice for moving.

Affordable accommodations

Whether you are looking for a flatshare Manchester or a stand-alone townhouse, you will find cheaper accommodation in Manchester than in London (by about 20. Here is a rough guide on the rental costs in Manchester.

  • 1 bedroom flat in an apartment in the City Centre costs around £500+ per month
  • 1 bedroom flat outside the City Centre costs £400+
  • 3 bedroom flat in the City Centre costs £850+
  • 3 bedroom flat outside the City Centre costs £600+

Cultural diversity

With a population of over 3 million people from all corners of the globe, Manchester is perhaps the most culturally diverse city in the UK. There are over 200 languages spoken in the city including Gujarati, Arabic, Polish, Mandarin, French, Spanish and many others.

Education institutions

Manchester city has one of the biggest populations in Europe, numbering upwards of 80,000.   Some of the top education institutions are Manchester University, Salford University and Manchester Metropolitan University. There have been 25 Nobel laureates from these institutions.

Food and dining

The cultural diversity in the city translates into culinary diversity as well. There are ethnic dishes from all over the world’ Thai, Indian, Arabic, Chinese, Brazilian, African and pretty much any other foods you may want to try out. This is the fastest growing food and drinks city in the UK.

Museums and theatre

The Imperial War Museum North is in a class of its own, showcasing British military technology over the years and various conflicts the British Empire engaged in. there is also the Whitworth museum and the Oxford Road art gallery. You can catch performances at the Home Arts Centre and Old Granada studios.

Music and arts scene

There is the world famous biennial Manchester International Festival that draws thousands of attendants from all over the world. There are famous artists regularly performing at the Manchester arena.


This is the home city of football’s biggest clubs and rivalry; Manchester United and Manchester City.