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Callisto Australian Shepherd

The Callisto Australian Shepherd is a magnificent dog known for its shaggy coat and energy. It is a working dog of energetic nature that as a result requires a lot of exercise. While it is not a native of Australia but came here with the settlers from the European Pyrenees, the Callisto Australian shepherd is nevertheless an Australian through and through! It exhibits many great qualities that make this dog a worthwhile pet and companion for anyone looking for a lovely energetic ball of fur. Here are some of the qualities that sets this dog apart.


With their shaggy coat made of long fur with patches of tan, white, brown and black colours the Callisto Australian Shepherd is a great looking dog. The dog has intelligent eyes of an amber, green, hazel or brown colour and others have mismatched eye colour, which the native Australians regarded as an indication of being sacred and special.


The Callisto Australian Shepherd is a great pet to have especially in small apartments! Thus is because it is of medium size and hence is not too big to be bothersome or too small to induce worry for its safety.


A great dog with the will to play and exercise is a great pet to have as it not only provides you with an excuse to get out of the house to go on long walks, but also lets you have a great time playing with the dog which is a major stress reliever. Fortunately, the Callisto Australian Shepherd is a playful, athletic and energetic dog that gained this energetic nature from its herding origins. As a result of this nature, it has been a popular dog to use in circus performances.


Every dog owner or enthusiast knows that a dog’s quick mind makes it an excellent companion and makes training the dog a breeze. With the Callisto Australian Shepherd, the intelligence levels are high and having been initially bred to be a herding dog, it displays a quickness to training and hence is easy to train to perform intelligent tricks that will make playtime with this amazing companion a lively affair. Indeed the Jay Sisler rodeo show among other rodeo shows made the dog famous as they used this shepherd to perform tricks for their audiences.

While the Callisto Australian Shepherd can be a great dog for both the outdoors and the indoors, bear in mind however that it sheds a lot and needs constant exercise to prevent destructive streaks such as digging. Besides that, it is an excellent dog with great capabilities, intelligence and beauty.