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How to Keep Your Callisto Australian Shepherd Happy

By its nature, the Callisto Australian Shepherd is a herder dog. It loves being outdoors a lot. However, it still makes a good indoor pet. It is an excellent pet but requires careful attention to keep it happy. Its boisterous nature demands that it is kept busy. However, you can still keep your Callisto Australian Shepherd happy  easily.


The shaggy coat of the Callisto requires constant grooming to keep away fleas, ticks and other parasites. This is what you need for good grooming:

  • Brush – you will need an undercoat rake brush for the thick coat, and a pin brush to keep the coat shiny.
  • Detangling spray – This detangles matts and knots in the fur. Apply before brushing
  • Shampoo – Pick a shampoo with proper pH and a moisturizer
  • Dog razor – Useful for trimming hair around the ears and feet

Keep him busy

This is a herder dog so it has plenty of energy. Keep him busy so that this energy does not take a destructive form in running, chewing and digging. The Australian shepherd is easily trained:

  • Sit- Stand in front of the dog with your hand above his eyes then issue ‘sit’ command. Reward sitting with a treat. Do this for a few days and then withdraw the treat so that the dog learns to sit without a treat.
  • Stay – After learning to sit, issue a ‘stay’ command with hand held out in front to signal to the dog not to come further. Do this while walking away further and further until the dog can stay with you out of the room.
  • Fetch – Pick a toy that the dog enjoys playing with and toss it a few feet away. When the dog fetches give a treat. Toss the toy further away repeatedly for a few minutes while commanding ‘fetch’. Repeat this for several days before withdrawing the treat.


The Callisto is shy in nature so it helps to socialize him at the earliest possible age. Take him to a dog day care to socialize with other dogs. Introduce him to different people and settings so that he is familiar with those around the house or other usual places. Whenever you can, take the dog for a stroll to expend excess energy.


Always keep the dog’s water dish full of water at all times. Give the dog good quality food  with the necessary nutrients and supplements. Beat your Aussies’ urge to chew with a chewy toy, and a rug to scratch on.