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How Good is Your End of Tenancy Service?

Quality of End of Tenancy Service

Some people will curse them, and some will sing praises about them, but engaging an end of tenancy service is something every renter will do at one point or another in the life of tenancy. There are tens of end of tenancy cleaning services, all with different prices and ways of doing their jobs. Your choice of an end of tenancy service can make a big difference between a smooth move, and getting your tenancy deposit back, or getting into a dispute with your landlord. How good is an end of tenancy cleaning service?


An end of tenancy service should show capacity to handle the job at hand. This includes cleaning staff, equipment, and tools. A 3 man cleaning service is very unlikely to handle cleaning a 24 room mansion properly in good time.

Some cleaning services employ untrained staff that does not require much money in wages. Some do not even have papers, which would put you at great risk in case anything happened during work. Ask for the background checks for the staff.

If you need cleaning on the external walls of a 2 story bungalow, any cleaning service would have to show they have the necessary climbing equipment to capably handle cleaning at heights. If there are lots of expensive rugs and carpets to be washed, let the cleaners show they have the special equipment to do so.

Ask the cleaning service on the type of cleaning materials they use. Some will use harsh chemicals to cut on costs, but which would leave the upholstery faded or damaged.

Legal paperwork

An end of cleaning service is relatively easy to set up. That is why you are bound to come across several cleaning services with dubious paperwork. Ask to see licensing and insurance paperwork. This would put you on the safe side if anything wrong happened during the cleaning job.

You are assured of getting your items back in case of damage. You also free of any liabilities if the cleaning staff is harmed on your premises.

Experience and reputation

If an end of tenancy cleaning service London has not been recommended to you by a satisfied customer, exercise due diligence to ensure you are dealing with a trusted service. Ask for experience and references to past customers.

If it is a service new in the industry, the managers should be able to demonstrate jobs they have been involved in. You can also check out cleaning service provider reviews on different customer review and rating sites.