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How End of Tenancy Save you Money?

End of Tenancy Cleaning on budget

Have you ever been involved in a tenancy dispute over the end of tenancy cleaning? It is almost a sure bet that you will lose money in this kind of a dispute. The landlord has rights to his property that state his premises should be left in a habitable condition just as the tenant found them. The court will most likely agree with the landlord on the strength of this point. This then means the guarantee of getting your tenancy deposit back lies in hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning North London service. This saves you money and time.


If you are cleaning a big house, it is unlikely that you will have the time to do the cleaning or even supervise the work. In these days of busy weekdays and even busier weekends there plenty of tasks, events, and people to see to. Engaging a professional end of cleaning service saves lets you attend to your tasks while cleaning is done.

No need to commute

It would make little sense to move to another city and come back to your old place to do end of tenancy cleaning. The more sensible thing to do would be to leave an end of tenancy cleaning North London service to do the work while you concentrate on settling down in your new place and work. Engage a cleaning service, leave the key and have the landlord do the inspection. If everything is ok your tenancy deposit lands in the back account after a few days. It saves you the commute money and accommodation costs you would have incurred going back.

No purchases

End of tenancy cleaning is more involving than your usual general cleaning. There are layers of dust to wipe from high ceilings, there is lime scale and scum to be scrubbed off the bathroom walls and sinks, there are odors and musts to remove from the kitchen and a hundred other tasks.

All this needs manpower and equipment. If you were to do it yourself, you would have to hire the manpower and equipment. Cleaning material is not hirable, so you would have to purchase detergents, bleach, polish and other disposable cleaning material. This not only costs money but also time. Engaging a cleaning service saves you the money and hassle.

First time done right

It takes time and money disputing a cleaning job. There are legal costs involved and the delay of the dispute before getting your tenancy back. Avoid all this by hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning North London service to do the job the first time right