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Callisto Australian Shepherd

The Callisto Australian Shepherd is a magnificent dog known for its shaggy coat and energy. It is a working dog of energetic nature that as a result requires a lot of exercise. While it is not a native of Australia but came here with the settlers from the European Pyrenees, the Callisto Australian shepherd is nevertheless an Australian through and through! It exhibits many great qualities that make this dog a worthwhile pet and companion for anyone looking for a lovely energetic ball of fur. Here are some of the qualities that sets this dog apart.


With their shaggy coat made of long fur with patches of tan, white, brown and black colours the Callisto Australian Shepherd is a great looking dog. The dog has intelligent eyes of an amber, green, hazel or brown colour and others have mismatched eye colour, which the native Australians regarded as an indication of being sacred and special.


The Callisto Australian Shepherd is a great pet to have especially in small apartments! Thus is because it is of medium size and hence is not too big to be bothersome or too small to induce worry for its safety.


A great dog with the will to play and exercise is a great pet to have as it not only provides you with an excuse to get out of the house to go on long walks, but also lets you have a great time playing with the dog which is a major stress reliever. Fortunately, the Callisto Australian Shepherd is a playful, athletic and energetic dog that gained this energetic nature from its herding origins. As a result of this nature, it has been a popular dog to use in circus performances.


Every dog owner or enthusiast knows that a dog’s quick mind makes it an excellent companion and makes training the dog a breeze. With the Callisto Australian Shepherd, the intelligence levels are high and having been initially bred to be a herding dog, it displays a quickness to training and hence is easy to train to perform intelligent tricks that will make playtime with this amazing companion a lively affair. Indeed the Jay Sisler rodeo show among other rodeo shows made the dog famous as they used this shepherd to perform tricks for their audiences.

While the Callisto Australian Shepherd can be a great dog for both the outdoors and the indoors, bear in mind however that it sheds a lot and needs constant exercise to prevent destructive streaks such as digging. Besides that, it is an excellent dog with great capabilities, intelligence and beauty.


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The Callisto Australian Shepherd: All You Would Want in a Dog

Are you looking for a pet that can give you a good run outdoors, and good fun indoors without breaking stuff? The Callisto Australian Shepherd would be what you are looking for. The Aussie, as the Australian shepherd is popularly known, is famous for its dexterity in circus shows which is the first pointer to the intelligence of the dog. The Callisto takes the best qualities of the Aussies. It has a beautiful fur coat, is intelligent, and is a useful dog for outdoor work if you live on a farm.

Overview of the Callisto Australian Shepherd

Height: Males (20-23 inches) Females (18-21 inches)

Weight: Males (55-70 lbs.) Females (35-55 lbs.)

Color: Black, red, blue merle, red merle

As a medium-sized dog, the Callisto will be a manageable pet indoors, especially in a home with little children. It does not pose much of a danger in rough play.

Smart dog

The Australian Shepherd line as traditionally bred for herding sheep in the European Alps. This dog studies and learns patterns very quickly which is why it is a big feature in the circus and rodeo shows. These dogs are used by law enforcement officers in search and rescue mission. They also make good detection and guide dogs.


The Callisto maintains the herding mentality of its ancestors. If you are on a farm, this will be a useful dog for rounding up sheep, chickens and other livestock. If you keep a Callisto in the house, be prepared for a fussy companion as he seeks to channel his energy. Give him a rough rug to play with lest he turns his attention to your carpet. If you need a jogging partner, a Callisto will be the perfect partner as he likes to jog, sprint and chase after things. Just remember to keep the leash on.

Beautiful dog

The Callisto is one of the most attractive dogs in the world. The black, blue, and merle patterns and long furs will make you want to reach out and cuddle him every time. Watch out for the shedding. The long fur needs regular attention to keep off parasites.

Some people believe the Callisto has mystical powers on the account of his eyes. He has a steady gaze that will track every move. Some callistos have discordant eye color. One eye can be marbled while the other is clear.

If you need a loyal, intelligent and energetic dog, the Callisto Australian Shepherd can make a pet that you will always want around.

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Callisto Australian Shepherd: What’s Good or Bad About This Dog?

The Callisto Australian Shepherd is one of the loveliest dogs with its shaggy coat and energetic nature. The surprising thing is that this lovely dog is not even a native of Australia but from the European Pyrenees from where it was carried off by Australian settlers. What is good or bad about the Collista Australian shepherd and why should keep it?


The Australian shepherd was made famous by the rodeo show especially the Jay Sisler show. The audience loved these short, elegant dogs as they jumped hoops and did other intelligent tricks. This dog was originally bred as a herding dog hence its quickness to training.


The Callisto Australian shepherd has a coat with long fur which has patches of black, brown, tan and white colors in very good patterns. They have amber, hazel, green or brown eye color. Interestingly, it is common to find shepherds with mismatched eye color, which led Native Americans to think of them as special and sacred.

Manageable size

The Callisto Australian shepherd is good as both an outdoors pet as well as indoors dog because of its medium size. It is not too small and delicate like the Chihuahua such that you will keep worrying about its safety. It is not outsized like the German shepherd to become a bother around a standard sized living room.

Energetic and athletic

The herding origins of the Australian shepherd gave it athletic genes. It is playful and athletic, which is why it is a popular circus and performance dog.

What you may not like in the Callisto

  • A dog that needs space and constant exercise. The Callisto’s energy must be properly channeled. Otherwise, it takes on a destructive streak with lots of chewing, barking and digging.
  • A dog that sheds a lot. The long fur of the Callisto, unfortunately, means a lot of it gets shed as it breaks off and grows fast. You will also have to do regular grooming to detangle matts and keep off parasites that the dog collects outdoors.
  • A chaser. The herding instincts of the Callisto show in its like for chasing joggers, playing children and even cars.
  • Some individual Callistos will show stubbornness and dominance.

The Callisto Australian shepherd is a good pet to keep if you work outdoors a lot where the dog can have plenty of space to play. The Callisto is definitely a good pet if you have not-so-young children who are looking for a playmate pet. It will fetch Frisbees easily and other fun games.

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How to Keep Your Callisto Australian Shepherd Happy

By its nature, the Callisto Australian Shepherd is a herder dog. It loves being outdoors a lot. However, it still makes a good indoor pet. It is an excellent pet but requires careful attention to keep it happy. Its boisterous nature demands that it is kept busy. However, you can still keep your Callisto Australian Shepherd happy  easily.


The shaggy coat of the Callisto requires constant grooming to keep away fleas, ticks and other parasites. This is what you need for good grooming:

  • Brush – you will need an undercoat rake brush for the thick coat, and a pin brush to keep the coat shiny.
  • Detangling spray – This detangles matts and knots in the fur. Apply before brushing
  • Shampoo – Pick a shampoo with proper pH and a moisturizer
  • Dog razor – Useful for trimming hair around the ears and feet

Keep him busy

This is a herder dog so it has plenty of energy. Keep him busy so that this energy does not take a destructive form in running, chewing and digging. The Australian shepherd is easily trained:

  • Sit- Stand in front of the dog with your hand above his eyes then issue ‘sit’ command. Reward sitting with a treat. Do this for a few days and then withdraw the treat so that the dog learns to sit without a treat.
  • Stay – After learning to sit, issue a ‘stay’ command with hand held out in front to signal to the dog not to come further. Do this while walking away further and further until the dog can stay with you out of the room.
  • Fetch – Pick a toy that the dog enjoys playing with and toss it a few feet away. When the dog fetches give a treat. Toss the toy further away repeatedly for a few minutes while commanding ‘fetch’. Repeat this for several days before withdrawing the treat.


The Callisto is shy in nature so it helps to socialize him at the earliest possible age. Take him to a dog day care to socialize with other dogs. Introduce him to different people and settings so that he is familiar with those around the house or other usual places. Whenever you can, take the dog for a stroll to expend excess energy.


Always keep the dog’s water dish full of water at all times. Give the dog good quality food  with the necessary nutrients and supplements. Beat your Aussies’ urge to chew with a chewy toy, and a rug to scratch on.