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Callisto Australian Shepherd: What’s Good or Bad About This Dog?

The Callisto Australian Shepherd is one of the loveliest dogs with its shaggy coat and energetic nature. The surprising thing is that this lovely dog is not even a native of Australia but from the European Pyrenees from where it was carried off by Australian settlers. What is good or bad about the Collista Australian shepherd and why should keep it?


The Australian shepherd was made famous by the rodeo show especially the Jay Sisler show. The audience loved these short, elegant dogs as they jumped hoops and did other intelligent tricks. This dog was originally bred as a herding dog hence its quickness to training.


The Callisto Australian shepherd has a coat with long fur which has patches of black, brown, tan and white colors in very good patterns. They have amber, hazel, green or brown eye color. Interestingly, it is common to find shepherds with mismatched eye color, which led Native Americans to think of them as special and sacred.

Manageable size

The Callisto Australian shepherd is good as both an outdoors pet as well as indoors dog because of its medium size. It is not too small and delicate like the Chihuahua such that you will keep worrying about its safety. It is not outsized like the German shepherd to become a bother around a standard sized living room.

Energetic and athletic

The herding origins of the Australian shepherd gave it athletic genes. It is playful and athletic, which is why it is a popular circus and performance dog.

What you may not like in the Callisto

  • A dog that needs space and constant exercise. The Callisto’s energy must be properly channeled. Otherwise, it takes on a destructive streak with lots of chewing, barking and digging.
  • A dog that sheds a lot. The long fur of the Callisto, unfortunately, means a lot of it gets shed as it breaks off and grows fast. You will also have to do regular grooming to detangle matts and keep off parasites that the dog collects outdoors.
  • A chaser. The herding instincts of the Callisto show in its like for chasing joggers, playing children and even cars.
  • Some individual Callistos will show stubbornness and dominance.

The Callisto Australian shepherd is a good pet to keep if you work outdoors a lot where the dog can have plenty of space to play. The Callisto is definitely a good pet if you have not-so-young children who are looking for a playmate pet. It will fetch Frisbees easily and other fun games.