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How Good is Your End of Tenancy Service?

Quality of End of Tenancy Service

Some people will curse them, and some will sing praises about them, but engaging an end of tenancy service is something every renter will do at one point or another in the life of tenancy. There are tens of end of tenancy cleaning services, all with different prices and ways of doing their jobs. Your choice of an end of tenancy service can make a big difference between a smooth move, and getting your tenancy deposit back, or getting into a dispute with your landlord. How good is an end of tenancy cleaning service?


An end of tenancy service should show capacity to handle the job at hand. This includes cleaning staff, equipment, and tools. A 3 man cleaning service is very unlikely to handle cleaning a 24 room mansion properly in good time.

Some cleaning services employ untrained staff that does not require much money in wages. Some do not even have papers, which would put you at great risk in case anything happened during work. Ask for the background checks for the staff.

If you need cleaning on the external walls of a 2 story bungalow, any cleaning service would have to show they have the necessary climbing equipment to capably handle cleaning at heights. If there are lots of expensive rugs and carpets to be washed, let the cleaners show they have the special equipment to do so.

Ask the cleaning service on the type of cleaning materials they use. Some will use harsh chemicals to cut on costs, but which would leave the upholstery faded or damaged.

Legal paperwork

An end of cleaning service is relatively easy to set up. That is why you are bound to come across several cleaning services with dubious paperwork. Ask to see licensing and insurance paperwork. This would put you on the safe side if anything wrong happened during the cleaning job.

You are assured of getting your items back in case of damage. You also free of any liabilities if the cleaning staff is harmed on your premises.

Experience and reputation

If an end of tenancy cleaning service London has not been recommended to you by a satisfied customer, exercise due diligence to ensure you are dealing with a trusted service. Ask for experience and references to past customers.

If it is a service new in the industry, the managers should be able to demonstrate jobs they have been involved in. You can also check out cleaning service provider reviews on different customer review and rating sites.

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How End of Tenancy Save you Money?

End of Tenancy Cleaning on budget

Have you ever been involved in a tenancy dispute over the end of tenancy cleaning? It is almost a sure bet that you will lose money in this kind of a dispute. The landlord has rights to his property that state his premises should be left in a habitable condition just as the tenant found them. The court will most likely agree with the landlord on the strength of this point. This then means the guarantee of getting your tenancy deposit back lies in hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning North London service. This saves you money and time.


If you are cleaning a big house, it is unlikely that you will have the time to do the cleaning or even supervise the work. In these days of busy weekdays and even busier weekends there plenty of tasks, events, and people to see to. Engaging a professional end of cleaning service saves lets you attend to your tasks while cleaning is done.

No need to commute

It would make little sense to move to another city and come back to your old place to do end of tenancy cleaning. The more sensible thing to do would be to leave an end of tenancy cleaning North London service to do the work while you concentrate on settling down in your new place and work. Engage a cleaning service, leave the key and have the landlord do the inspection. If everything is ok your tenancy deposit lands in the back account after a few days. It saves you the commute money and accommodation costs you would have incurred going back.

No purchases

End of tenancy cleaning is more involving than your usual general cleaning. There are layers of dust to wipe from high ceilings, there is lime scale and scum to be scrubbed off the bathroom walls and sinks, there are odors and musts to remove from the kitchen and a hundred other tasks.

All this needs manpower and equipment. If you were to do it yourself, you would have to hire the manpower and equipment. Cleaning material is not hirable, so you would have to purchase detergents, bleach, polish and other disposable cleaning material. This not only costs money but also time. Engaging a cleaning service saves you the money and hassle.

First time done right

It takes time and money disputing a cleaning job. There are legal costs involved and the delay of the dispute before getting your tenancy back. Avoid all this by hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaning North London service to do the job the first time right

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Callisto Australian Shepherd: What’s Good or Bad About This Dog?

The Callisto Australian Shepherd is one of the loveliest dogs with its shaggy coat and energetic nature. The surprising thing is that this lovely dog is not even a native of Australia but from the European Pyrenees from where it was carried off by Australian settlers. What is good or bad about the Collista Australian shepherd and why should keep it?


The Australian shepherd was made famous by the rodeo show especially the Jay Sisler show. The audience loved these short, elegant dogs as they jumped hoops and did other intelligent tricks. This dog was originally bred as a herding dog hence its quickness to training.


The Callisto Australian shepherd has a coat with long fur which has patches of black, brown, tan and white colors in very good patterns. They have amber, hazel, green or brown eye color. Interestingly, it is common to find shepherds with mismatched eye color, which led Native Americans to think of them as special and sacred.

Manageable size

The Callisto Australian shepherd is good as both an outdoors pet as well as indoors dog because of its medium size. It is not too small and delicate like the Chihuahua such that you will keep worrying about its safety. It is not outsized like the German shepherd to become a bother around a standard sized living room.

Energetic and athletic

The herding origins of the Australian shepherd gave it athletic genes. It is playful and athletic, which is why it is a popular circus and performance dog.

What you may not like in the Callisto

  • A dog that needs space and constant exercise. The Callisto’s energy must be properly channeled. Otherwise, it takes on a destructive streak with lots of chewing, barking and digging.
  • A dog that sheds a lot. The long fur of the Callisto, unfortunately, means a lot of it gets shed as it breaks off and grows fast. You will also have to do regular grooming to detangle matts and keep off parasites that the dog collects outdoors.
  • A chaser. The herding instincts of the Callisto show in its like for chasing joggers, playing children and even cars.
  • Some individual Callistos will show stubbornness and dominance.

The Callisto Australian shepherd is a good pet to keep if you work outdoors a lot where the dog can have plenty of space to play. The Callisto is definitely a good pet if you have not-so-young children who are looking for a playmate pet. It will fetch Frisbees easily and other fun games.

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How to Keep Your Callisto Australian Shepherd Happy

By its nature, the Callisto Australian Shepherd is a herder dog. It loves being outdoors a lot. However, it still makes a good indoor pet. It is an excellent pet but requires careful attention to keep it happy. Its boisterous nature demands that it is kept busy. However, you can still keep your Callisto Australian Shepherd happy  easily.


The shaggy coat of the Callisto requires constant grooming to keep away fleas, ticks and other parasites. This is what you need for good grooming:

  • Brush – you will need an undercoat rake brush for the thick coat, and a pin brush to keep the coat shiny.
  • Detangling spray – This detangles matts and knots in the fur. Apply before brushing
  • Shampoo – Pick a shampoo with proper pH and a moisturizer
  • Dog razor – Useful for trimming hair around the ears and feet

Keep him busy

This is a herder dog so it has plenty of energy. Keep him busy so that this energy does not take a destructive form in running, chewing and digging. The Australian shepherd is easily trained:

  • Sit- Stand in front of the dog with your hand above his eyes then issue ‘sit’ command. Reward sitting with a treat. Do this for a few days and then withdraw the treat so that the dog learns to sit without a treat.
  • Stay – After learning to sit, issue a ‘stay’ command with hand held out in front to signal to the dog not to come further. Do this while walking away further and further until the dog can stay with you out of the room.
  • Fetch – Pick a toy that the dog enjoys playing with and toss it a few feet away. When the dog fetches give a treat. Toss the toy further away repeatedly for a few minutes while commanding ‘fetch’. Repeat this for several days before withdrawing the treat.


The Callisto is shy in nature so it helps to socialize him at the earliest possible age. Take him to a dog day care to socialize with other dogs. Introduce him to different people and settings so that he is familiar with those around the house or other usual places. Whenever you can, take the dog for a stroll to expend excess energy.


Always keep the dog’s water dish full of water at all times. Give the dog good quality food  with the necessary nutrients and supplements. Beat your Aussies’ urge to chew with a chewy toy, and a rug to scratch on.