Callisto Aussies are bred for correct breed type, soundness of mind and body, and versatility. Callisto has it’s foundation in some of the best Aussie bloodlines in the history of the breed. Hall of Fame dogs and kennels feature strongly in my pedigrees.

Particular attention is given to producing the healthiest, most correct dogs possible, which means having a strong knowledge of the breed standard and Aussie bloodlines. Only the very best representatives of the breed should be bred.

Pet puppies are sold with limited registration papers, and on spay/neuter contract. My contract also allows for a “first right of  refusal” clause, meaning a dog will be taken back if necessary.

Before placement, all puppies receive a thorough eye exam by a board certified ophthalmologist from Texas A & M Veterinary College.  Adults receive annual eye exams. All Callisto dogs’ hips are OFA’d after the age of 2 years.

Callisto is located on 5 wooded acres just outside Bryan, TX.  All puppies are born and raised in my home, and adult dogs have benefit of 16×45 ft. shaded runs, or the covered kennel on concrete, which consists of 8 10x10x6 individual kennels, or being in the house.  I usually have a waiting list on every litter, which is carefully planned, and I average about 2 litters per year.